Ex power plant recovery

Recupero della ex centrale come Auditorium e centro congressi

In collaboration with studio ALVISI KIRIMOTO and ARUP CHICAGO


For the assignment competition for the redesign of the former power plant of Fiumicino, we collaborated with the studio Alvisi-Kirimoto and Arup Chicago. Having already had the opportunity to work on the existing building we started from a very strong base of analytical knowledge of the site and its problems. It was extremely educational to work on an Auditorium project and conference hall with a very experienced company in this field such as Massimo Alvisi’s studio.

The idea behind the project is that of a large central hall of about 900 seats situated between two large glass walls. In the lower floor there are two halls with 108 seats each, the foyer and a large bar, as well as various service areas. We have developed the technical drawings using the Revit platform, which allowed us to meet very short delivery times and to have a more effective collaboration with ARUP studio.

  1. Foyer RGB
  2. Sala Centrale RGB
  3. Dal palco RGB
  4. Prospetto nord - Notte RGB
  5. Assonometria sezione RGB
  6. Piano terra
  7. Piano primo
  8. C:UsersAlessandroDocumentsWORKS�1. Committenti2017Central
  9. C:UsersAlessandroDocumentsWORKS1. Committenti2017Central
Type: Recupero, Auditorium, Uffici, Teatro, Verde pubblico

Client: Comune di Fiumicino

Location: Fiumicino, Lazio

Size: 19.350 m2

Work: Affidamento di incarico

Cost: 10.000.000 €

Status: Quarto posto

Year: 2017