BIM is an innovative design methodology and project management that makes BIM software its main instrument.
BIM software ( Building Information Modeling) are the standard tools for designers, required by law in many countries of the world. In Italy the new Procurement Code already provides the compulsory use of BIM for public works.
These software, unlike CAD softwares, contain not only information of geometrical character (three-dimensional model) but all the information that carries each construction element (like information on energy cost), allowing to manage and process these data through simulations ( energetic, constructive etc.).
BIM allows a perfect inter-communicability with the various ‘players’ of the building process (structural engineers, installation technicians, suppliers, installers etc.) and helps to reduce design time, allows to clear the risks related to project interference before the construction phase.
BIM is also used in the process of management and maintenance of the building manufacturing in various aspects, such as facility management and asset management.

A project prepared in BIM optimizes cost and time for the benefit of the quality of the building.




  • servizi-bim_1

    BIM Project Manager :

    • Consultancy in the preparation of projects in BIM and operational workflow setting
    • Architectural and MEP modeling from CAD files
  • servizi-bim_2

    Project quality control :

    • Control and coordination of the interferences of all project elements (Clash detection)
    • Control and verification of quantity data and project costs
  • servizi-bim_3

    Management of the architectural heritage :

    • Creation of BIM models of existing buildings for the purposes of Facility & Asset Management
    • Retrofit BIM for historic buildings and restoration works

    The studio offers training courses for students and professionals who for the first time overlook the use of these new software.

  • corsi_1

    Basic course
    From CAD to BIM

    Hours : 20 h

    The aim of the course is to approach in a practical way the use of the software, starting from modeling of famous architectural constructions from CAD.

    You will be shown how to change the basic software families and get techinical draws directly from the software.

    At the end of the course the trainee will possess all the basic tools for modeling in perfect autonomy.

    LOD level  acquired : 100, 200, 300

    Requirements: basic knowledge of CAD software, personal laptop.


  • corsi_2

    Basic + Advanced course
    Modeling and data management

    Hours : 36 h

    The course aims to come up to the level of an executive design. Will be further explained the creation of parametric “families” and detail elements. The part of the data management, from energy data to quantities and costs, will be fundamental.

    At the end of the course the trainee will be able to extract from the model executive drawings and estimative metric computation.


    LOD level  acquired : 350, 400, 500

    Requirements: good basic knowledge of BIM softwares, personal laptop.


  • corsi_3

    Revit MEP
    Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Facilities

    Hours : 23 h

    An advanced course aimed especially at students and engineers who want to stand out in the business world using an innovative tool.

    During the course you will deal in a practical way not only with modeling but with the design of HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Electrical System. At the end of the course the trainee will have all the tools to be able to design more efficiently than before.

    LOD level  acquired : 350, 400, 500

    Requirements: basic knowledge of BIM softwares, personal laptop.